Vintage tours, Netherlands

  • Duration: <1 Day
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Price: 120 Euro

Raqatiq organizes daily tours to Dutch authentic vintage shops and fairs in the Netherlands.Rachel Lavi Dagan

The tours emphasizes on authentic places that are of the bitten track in the true Dutch surrounding, places that are mostly concealed from the ordinary tourists.

The tours conclude of visiting unique vintage shops and fairs, personal encounters with shop owners, different design styles and cultural inspiration, tips and consultation.

Raqatiq offers six diverse daily routes:

  • If one wishes, a personalized route can be planned in advance.
  • A daily route takes about 6 – 8 hours.
  • The price is € 120 per person per day (for a personalized tour the price differs).

Spoken languages: Hebrew, Dutch

Rachel Lavi-Dagan, the founder of Raqatiq, is an Israeli who lives in the Netherlands for more than 10 years.

After years of touring groups of friends and family that came to visit, she decided to turn her passion for vintage tours to her trade, and to offer her knowledge to those who have the appreciation for vintage.

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