19 Dec

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

This celebration is a colorful festival with its lights and festive atmosphere exciting the Christmas and New Year approaching.

The London festival held outdoors in the freezing cold and in the open spaces of Hyde Park, is considered as a “holiday period” big, leading and beautiful of its kind in the UK.

Alongside a wealth wooden huts that sell beer and mulled wine similarly to Christmas markets in Germany, the festival offers visitors am amusement park (for a fee), quality standards pose a challange for sport lovers of adventurs.

Among other attractions you can enjoy a variety of activities such as:

  • Ice skating.
  • Listen to the songs of Christmas.
  • Shows Circus.
  • Bar Ice.
  • The megical ice kingdom – stroll in the ice.
  • Ferris wheel.
  • Food stolls.
  • Christmas market, etc’.

Entry the park is free, food stolls and various facilities for a fee.